Friday, May 31, 2013


Having posted nothing on this site for almost two months, I might as well come to terms with the fact that I need a little break from blogging.  As some of you know, issues relating the sale of my house and a subsequent relocation to some yet-to-be determined place in the southeast have been consuming a great deal of my time lately.  In addition, both my mind and my body are telling me that I need to spend less time with my computer and more time with the offerings of nature, especially during the summer months.  Accordingly, I will be posting nothing new on my blog until September.  With the fine weather, it's time to devote as much time as possible to walking, biking, and various other avenues of exploration and adventure.

I will return to active blogging in the fall, perhaps with a new format and approach. During the meantime, I will be dropping in on other blogs from time to time, but perhaps with less frequency.

I am blessed to have found so many good friends in the blogging community, and I wish all of you the best in the months ahead.  May your summer be filled with wonder and delight!

Best regards to all,