Friday, April 9, 2010


Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure, a chance to break through fear and conditioned thinking, a chance to see something new or to see something old from a different perspective, a chance to create new forms of expression for what one is learning in this wondrous journey of life.

Today's new adventure is the creation of an online journal which I hope will contribute in some small way to the conversations we are having with ourselves and each other about the ingredients of a good life. I will have my own musings, of course, for that is the nature of a personal journal, but I will also be writing about the ideas and perspectives of others -- the writers, painters, poets, philosophers, and mystics who have been, and who continue to be, my teachers. I will also be posting photos on this site, because I believe that visual images can often take one to a place and time that words cannot describe, a place and time in which one is totally present, totally mindful, and totally engaged with some lovely fragment of life.

Finally, I hope that this journal will be a departure point to other blog sites where fascinating people are providing field notes and markers about their own individual journeys. Some of these people are creative artists, some are homespun philosophers, some are keen observers of nature, and some are just iconoclasts, prophets of a sort who are trying continuously to disabuse us of the illusions that pass for reality in our modern world. Each of these people has something to contribute to the conversation, and if we listen closely, we just might discover the common themes that unite us in this great journey.


  1. Hi George, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day if only because it gave me the opportunity to discover yours. I'm pleased that your blog is only a few months old as that will allow me the chance to read it from start to finish over a cup of tea this evening.

  2. To Fireweed Meadow,

    Glad to have you on board. I also looking forward to following your blog.

  3. Having read (albeit briefly) from the current day to this point, I will now start again from the beginning, especially in revisiting the posts I had bookmarked.

    George, your writing has introduced to me writers I had not known before. May have heard of but had never delved into. Your writing had aroused my curiousity, and my reading list is growing.

    Some posts had resonated with me, in others I discover a different perspective.


  4. To Rebecca,

    Thanks for the lovely comments, and welcome to my blog. I don't know whether you are a "Rebecca" who I know or someone else. In any event, your comments are appreciated and I hope you will make a return visit.

  5. May very well be the same "Rebecca"!

    I am not comfortable with posting comments publicly. Two or three comments may pop up now and again, but I will likely be one of those silently lurking around.

    I do want to say I particularly love the images in your post "Beauty in Unexpected Places", and today's reflections of colours on the waters.

  6. To Rebecca,

    No problem, Rebecca. I have no problem whatsoever with your "silently lurking around." If you read other postings of mine, you have undoubtedly discerned that I am comfortable with mystery.

    Thanks for the nice comments on the photos, and have a nice weekend!