Sunday, September 26, 2010


During the past week, my generous and creative friend, Bonnie, whose wonderful blog is the  Original Art Studio, has used her venue to interview several other creators of blogs.  We have already had the pleasure of enjoying interviews with Ruth, whose main blog is Synch-ro-ni-zing, Kent, whose blog is Expat From Hell, and Friko, whose main blog is Friko's Musings.  

Although my blog, "Transit Notes," is relatively new on the blogging circuit, I have also been interviewed by Bonnie, and I am pleased to announce that the interview now appears on Bonnie's blog.  If you're interested in the interview, you can pull it up by clicking here.  I will be happy to answer any and all questions about either the interview or matters that have been discussed on my blog.  

In any event, I suggest that you check out Bonnie's site on a regular basis.  As other readers will attest, it's always creative, beautiful, wise, and inspirational.  I also highly recommend the blogging sites of the other interviewees, including those who will follow me.  You will find great images, moving prose and poetry, and loads of insights that are pertinent to our day to day journeys.

Thank you, Bonnie, not only for the interview, but for the contribution you make daily to the international blogging community.  It's an honor to have my blog featured on your site.

My most recent posting on this site, titled "A Walk Around the Inner Harbor," was posted on Friday, September 24, 2010, and will remain featured for a few more days.  It can be accessed by clicking here.

Here's hoping that everyone has a great week ahead!



  1. You did a thorough and beautiful job in your interview, George. I had looked forward to it, and now that I've read Bonnie's expert, and some humorous questions, and read more about you and your journeys, I feel a sense of satisfaction that I count you among my friends. Very well done. As I said at Bonnie's, the blog world has stepped up a few notches since your arrival.

  2. To Ruth,

    You are too kind, Ruth. It's just a pleasure to be in the company of you, Bonnie, and the other bloggers who make this new world so interesting. You are, indeed, a friend, and I expect this friendship to continue as we continue with our individual journeys.

  3. I commented at Bonnie's blog, but I need to come here too to tell you how very inspiring your answers were to me. My trouble is that I am a fairly deep thinker but feel unable to communicate these thoughts in a superficial medium like blogging. There is so much published in blogland which, to my mind, is distasteful, rubbishy, that I find it hard to take the medium seriously. Blog posts such as the one you just published on Bonnie's site are very few and far between.

    In order not to lose touch I am following your blog. I hope we will one day be able to have this discussion of 'Life, the Universe and Everything'.
    (Sorry, flippancy again'. In the meantime I look forward to reading your blog whenever I can.

  4. Hi Friko,

    You have made my day. I am delighted that you have found something worthwhile on my site, and I hope you will return, as I plan to return to your site. When I commented on your village posting yesterday, I noticed for the first time that you also have a poetry blog, and I'm looking forward to coming back to that site as well.

    I empathize completely with you about the challenges of blogging about serious matters. I, too, am a fairly deep thinker, for better or for worse, and I want to explore those deeper thoughts creatively with other people, without putting anyone to sleep. Fortunately, I feel that I have found some kindred spirits out there, and you are obviously one of them. As for having that discussion on "Life, the Universe and Everything," that is exactly the kind of conversation I want to have with others, and I try to encourage it on my blog.

    Thanks again for your lovely and thoughtful comments.

  5. Hi George
    Today I have read the interviews with you and Friko, both blogs I try and follow and digest but I get so easily overwhelmed by what I read. It's so difficult to keep up with what I want to read that I often feel that I will never get round to writing anything.
    Like you I was attracted to blogging by Robert over at Solitary Walker. I tend to keep to a few blogs I know well but, as I said, they are all I can cope with. I also fear spending too much time on line.
    Sorry I don't mean to be negative. It looks like there will be some wonderful reading on the blogs I follow.

  6. Hi Tramp,

    It's always great to have your comments, Tramp. There's no need to ever be overwhelmed, my friend. Just do the things that give you the most joy and satisfaction in life and release the rest. This is your time and you are entitled to follow your own path, without explanations to me or anyone else. Here's hoping that your back is back to normal — no pun intended — and that you are making up for lost time with Lady and the E10.

  7. Hi George! Fun to know you will be attending the Willow Manor Ball! I have seen you around the bloggyhood, but never actually stopped by.

    If you would like to do more than show up on Thursday, feel free to post that day who your date might be, what you're wearing, etc. Be creative! A Mr. Linky widget will be provided for you to sign up, so other can visit your blog.

    See you there! xx

  8. Hi George,

    I wanted to get here earlier, but I have been a bit overwhelmed preparing future interviews.

    Thank YOU so much for sharing yourself in the feature in such an open, honest way in the feature. It was a pleasure collaborating with you to accomplish this.

    Thank you too for such an enthusiastic endorsment of my blog. So very generous of you!

    I loved your last post about the Inner Harbour and look forward to what you have next on tap.

  9. Hi George-
    Great interview w/Bonnie and "thank you" for taking the itme to respond to my comment about your southern conditioning. I understand what you had to overcome. I too was conditioned by two very strong influences, my Catholic-Italian guilt, and, well - if you care to know, my post dated 9-4-08 and titled "James-Daniel-Jill' will provide much insight. Meanwhile I am now a follower and I look forward to knowing you more over time and I hope you will find your way over to my place too.

    Love to you
    peace and hope......

  10. To Bonnie,

    Thank you, Bonnie! The pleasure was all mine and it was an honor to be featured on your site. I look forward to your other interviews.

  11. To Gail,

    Thanks, Gail, for the comments both here and on Bonnie's blog. I will definitely go to your site and check out what's going on with your journey. I look forward to continuing this conversation on our respective blogs.

  12. To Willow,

    Thanks for the note, Willow, and the update on the Willow Ball. I look forward to following to the festivities and seeing what this is all about.

  13. Thanks to Bonnie I am finding wonderful new blogs to read. I love your photos and art...

  14. To Tourquoise Diaries,

    How wonderful it is to have someone from Turkey! I have visited Istanbul and loved it, and, of course, I love everything around the Mediterranean.

    As you can see, I've taken a quick look at your own blog, and I intend to follow it. Your photos are sensational. It's always fascinating for me to see the work of photographers outside of my own country.

    I hope that you will return and continue to find things of interest on my site. Thanks again for stopping by.

  15. You're right. Her blog is superb! And what a fascinating and well-constructed interview. Thank you!

  16. I have here several times, awestruck at this gallery of eye-candy. I look forward to reading each of the accompanying text during your hiatus.
    Your time off will also give me a chance to dip into some of your other posts.

    Congratulations on your golden milestone! Enjoy your well-deserved break!

  17. Hi, George. I commented at Bonnie's site, but I had to come back to tell you how much I enjoyed the interview. It is excellent! Bonnie did a great job with the questions, and I loved reading your answers.

  18. To Dutchbaby,

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I will take a break from active posting for a few weeks, but I will be following your postings and others nonetheless. Have a great weekend.

  19. Hi Julie,

    Thanks so much. I will check out your comments on Bonnie's site. Have nice weekend.

  20. To Fireweed Meadow,

    Sorry I am late responding to your comment, but I've been on the road for a couple of days and thought I had responded. In any event, I appreciate your comments, as always, and I'm glad you liked the interview, and I agree that Bonnie's blog is extraordinary.